Crime, or the socio-political cries of the common man

Don’t you feel that hatred has engulfed this country? Don’t you feel that day after day you’re being trained to hate someone, to be neurotic, to be anxious and fearful, and even to kill if they tell you to?!

Epigraph: “Those who choose not to empathize enable real monsters, for without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves we collude with it through apathy.” — J. K. Rowling

Hungarians! Hungarian Roma and members other nationalities as well!
Men and women!

Don’t you feel that hatred has engulfed this country? Don’t you feel that day after day you’re being trained to hate someone, to be neurotic, to be anxious and fearful, and even to kill if they tell you to?! Don’t you feel that your great sense of Hungarian identity is just a cover when the government otherwise really doesn’t treat you well, or to put it frankly, doesn’t give a damn about you? Don’t you think that this is such a failure of the democratic rule of law that it calls into question the very existence of the democratic rule of law?

Horváth Ferenc

On one side you have some out-of-control and crude Roma and other strongly criminal groups (among them individuals with millions in assets) who threaten, endanger, and abuse others; on the other side you have those who collectively scapegoat and blame every Roma and every opponent of theirs for everything, when they aren’t saints themselves; in fact I’d go so far as to say they are not even Christians, not good people but hate-filled, miserable shreds of human beings, who, just like the first side, threaten, endanger, abuse, and steal from others—even a country—for themselves!

They are the destroyers of Hungary’s wellbeing, and they are not only found among the poor, but they also fill very serious positions in society. Some are Members of Parliament, mayors, officials, and government employees who were not elected or hired on the basis of their aptitude but for their party activity, party affiliation, and how docile they were. The stupider, the better! The less integrated with the community they were, the more unqualified they were, and with a little power in their hands, all the better to be a political pitbull! Don’t you feel it?!

Just a few sparks would be enough for everyone to believe that they must kill out of self-defense… and after a while each will join their own side! White with white, brown with brown, forgetting about friendship and respect for each other! And who is training you towards this? Well, who? Understand! The government is functioning badly, that’s why you’re unhappy!

If they summoned you to a civil war, would you go? No? And what if they forced you into it?

I call on Hungary’s Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior to decisively step up against violent crimes that are particularly afflicting rural and suburban areas, whoever the offenders may be! If they are already “protecting us,” our party and our nation from others, then they must also protect vulnerable people from violence, without any regard to sex, race, religion, or party affiliation.

However the state’s brainwashing training must stop, and must not rely on getting three million poor people to kill each other because they are practically useless (or at best, their consumption produces public funds to drain) to the state! Drug dealers must be apprehended and the state must not purposely allow there to be a million disregarded zombies among the Hungarian people (because sure they’re useless, but the state pays nothing for their welfare or treatment at any rate). If those drunk on power are constantly fighting, at least their purpose should be a good one!

Let there be enough police force to discourage and eliminate violence fueled by crime and mafia-like conditions in society and in politics!

I’ll note that from the point of view of national welfare, the private accumulation of wealth from thousands of billions of forints of public money — and not based on work done — is also a crime against the people of this nation, because it has and can become the reason for and cause of a million evident and palpable “smaller crimes.”

I also demand that the state take international law seriously, and step up against political or non-governmental organizations and individuals whose goal is to opportunistically and arrogantly incite hatred against others! Whoever the offender may be! It is not for the state to deliberate, but the judge! Let those who divide the people they are entrusted with, those who cast them one against the other for their own petty political interests, stand before the judge as well!

In fact, I demand that the state desist from establishing a political and economic elite, from making scapegoats, that it restrain its brainwashed, politically sick pitbulls, and NOT make a banana republic in the middle of Europe out of Hungary, because in the end other superpowers will divide it up for good! Enough of this unnecessary noise!

May we be free people, with free thought!

Translated by Elysia Gallo.

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